Welcome to the eclectic and electrifying Videos page, where the essence of Pamela DeMenthe’s unique charm and wit is captured on film for your viewing pleasure.

Pamela Live Appearance at Tickle Your Fancy November 2022

Catch a glimpse of Pamela in her natural habitat: the stage. This live performance clip from “Tickle Your Fancy” in November 2022.

Sticky Digits Crowdfunder Trailer

In a daring raid on the literary establishment, watch as Pamela covertly infiltrates a Waterstones branch, stealthily replacing conventional books with copies of her own erotic masterpiece, “Sticky Digits.” This crowdfunder trailer documents her guerrilla marketing tactics and outlines her ambitious campaign to take “Sticky Digits” to the Edinburgh Festival in 2018. With voiceover by Barnaby Gordon and the cinematic eye of Will Hutchby from D&Dum Productions, this clip is a testament to Pamela’s dedication and creativity in pursuit of her art.

Sponsorship Deal Clip

Ever wondered what a sponsorship deal with DeMenthe Publishing might look like? This trailer voiced by Barnaby Gordon, offers potential clients a peek at the financial benefits of sponsoring an erotic novelist.

Woo Your Lover with Words

In this short film, witness the power of Pamela’s prose to perplex and provoke. Hired actors, Verity Henry and Richard Hand play a woman and man. The woman attempts to seduce her partner with a passage written by Pamela. Filmed by Will Hutchby of D&Dum Productions.